Styling Shape

PhotoFairy has many powerful tools to transform ordinary shapes into stunning visual creations. It offers a comprehensive set of functionalities to bring your artistic visions to life, allowing you to explore various styles and formats with ease.

Outline Styles:
You can effortlessly change the outline style of any shape. Whether you prefer sleek and minimalistic lines, bold and expressive strokes, or even intricate patterns, the app provides a wide range of options to suit your creative preferences. Customize the color, thickness, and style of outlines to achieve the desired effect.
Fill Options:
Take your shapes to the next level by experimenting with different fill styles. You can fill shapes with solid colors, or gradients, giving the shape a vibrant and bold appearance or a subtle and nuanced gradient.
Mask Clipping:
Use any shape as a mask to clip and overlay background images, creating stunning compositions. This functionality allows you to seamlessly merge shapes and images, giving you the freedom to craft visually compelling artwork.
Reimagination Tools:
PhotoFairy takes creativity to new heights with its powerful reimagination tools. It offers a range of transformation techniques to convert your shapes into various visual formats. Whether you want to transform a shape into a realistic photo, a mesmerizing watercolor painting, a delicate paper craft, a charming Amigurumi, a captivating line drawing, or even a playful cartoon, PhotoFairy has you covered. Unleash your imagination and let the app bring your ideas to life.

Video tutorial:
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