50+ Preset Styles, and One Click to Switch Between Styles

Create images of 50 different preset styles. From photo to cartoon, 3D to 2D, vintage aesthetics to modern minimalism, bold and vibrant to subtle and elegant, the provided styles have something for many different tastes and occasions. With a list to choose from, you can instantly apply your chosen style to the image creation.

Transform images between different styles. With "Reimagination", you easily transfer an image between these 50 styles, turning a photo into watercolor painting, 2D drawing to 3D rendering, a object to statue, etc. Try it out, you will get visual stunning effects.

Customize the style. The preset style is fully integrated into the prompt, which you can directly customize to your taste.

With these functionalities, you can easily create images and designs that stand out on social media with eye-catching visuals. Whether you're a professional photographer, social media influencer, or simply an enthusiast looking to enhance your personal photos, this is definitely something you should try out, and its empowers you to think outside the box and create extraordinary visuals that reflect your unique style and vision.

Video tutorial:
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